Motrox Automotive is a Dubai based Auto Repair shop that specializes in German, American and Japanese makes. Established in 2018, we aim to provide significant value to all customers through our professional and honest service.

Sharing our customers’ enthusiasm for cars, we are not your average garage.  We are a handpicked team of qualified car enthusiasts who believe in pursuing our passion by bringing out the best in your cars. 

Motrox Automotive is committed to cultivating a culture of an exemplary service quality and transparency.  What you see and understand is actually what will be delivered to you.  No unpleasant surprises, for sure.  After all, we aim to build our reputation based on your feedback.

It is our endeavour to constantly improve our services by purchasing the latest equipment and training of our team. The appropriate use of this equipment ensures accurate and efficient service.

Our Vision

To become a business leader in the specialized automobile repair industry, ensuring customer happiness.”

Our Mission

Our Values

A dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.

Sean Hampton



Founder of Motrox Automotive, Faisal has a die-hard car enthusiast following his passion and living his dream every day.  An ardent learner, Faisal believes that high rewards come only when you have the ability to take risks and adapt.

When not working on cars, Faisal loves off road driving, racing and reading.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif’s passion for cars led him to his chosen career and works as a Service Consultant In Motrox Automotive.  Working with cars and ensuring their give their best is what keeps Saif energized. 

A team player, when not working with cars, Saif loves playing cricket.

Johnson Olufiade

Having worked in various garages in Nigeria, Johnson always dreamt about coming to Dubai, hub of the most happening cars in the world. Now works as a Service Consultant In Motrox Automotive

Johnson is always open to taking on additional responsibility – be it at the garage or at the football field.

Jishnu Karuvanparambil

A problem solver, Jishnu is a specialist in German, American and European cars. Now works as a Service Consultant In Motrox Automotive.

When not working with cars, you can find Jishnu at a movie or on the football field.

Ruvez Khan

A specialist in Japanese and Korean cars, Ruvez has worked with cars across India as well as Saudi Arabia.  He works as ​Service Consultant In Motrox Automotive. 

Known for his commitment towards work, Ruvez is an ardent cyclist and swimmer.

Brands We Service

We accept all kinds of major debit and credit cards as a mode of payment, and also accept online transfer.
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